Cycles in losses

Jonathan Villar hit for the cycle in the Baltimore Orioles’ 9-6 loss to the New York Yankees on Aug. 5. After watching this, I wondered how many cycles have occurred in losing efforts. So I bought a one-day subscription to the Baseball-Reference Play Index to learn a little more.

There have been 276 cycles, total, in regular season play.

Villar’s cycle was the 44th in which his team lost, and the second such one this year. The other one this year was by Jorge Polanco in the Twins’ 10-4 loss to the Phillies.

Two cycles occurred in games that ended in ties: One by Cliff Heathcote for the 1918 St. Louis Cardinals, who went 4-for-9 in the 19-inning game, and the other by Hoot Evers for the 1950 Detroit Tigers, who went 5-for-6 with two triples in the 10-inning game.